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Strings Attached

2/9/18 & 2/10/18

“Jazz guitar is alive and well in New York City, thanks to ‘Strings Attached’ — don’t miss them!” —Jon Herington, Steely Dan

Strings Attached features four of New York City’s premier six-string jazz masters — Vic Juris, Mark Whitfield, Joe Cohn, Jack Wilkins, with Andy McKee, bass and David F. Gibson, drums. They join forces as Strings Attached for a uniquely spectacular show. They performed at the Jazz Forum on Friday, February 9 and Saturday, February 10 at 7 and 9 pm both nights.

Salina to all Musicians: What do you think about the club?

Great. This Club is awesome. The Club is lovely. The space is nice. Anything that has live jazz music man, I’m with. I’m having a great time. I’m glad to be here and be a part of this.

Jack Wilkins: First time I’ve played here; it’s a wonderful place. Really nice. Great crowds. They’re really enjoying the music, which is great for us. We’re having a good time.

Salina: What would you like to say to your fans?

Mark Whitfield: Be present. We love y’all.

David Gibson: I want you to keep coming to listen to jazz music. Because if you listen to jazz music more than four times a week, you will tend to live 15 to 20 years longer. Okay? So I’m telling you now, that’s what you’ve got to do. You want to sustain yourself? If you listen to jazz music, it opens you up to take care of your health. And make sure you listen to the right people. You can always hear the lies. They can tell you a lie with a straight face. From listening to jazz music, you will know it. Alright?! Because this music is honest. This is from the heart.

Jack Wilkins: Buy my records. I’m just kidding. Nobody buys records anymore. Come hear us play at the Zinc Bar. We’re down there two to three times a month. Monday nights. And go to my Web site. Everybody has websites. Check them out. You know. Keep this music going.

Vic Juris: I think what’s important is that my fans come out and support the Jazz Forum. You know, this is a wonderful Club. And tremendous dedication on Mark and Ellen’s part to do something like this at this stage in life, you know. And to come out and support, thanks to people like yourself, who are taking the time to get involved. That’s the whole thing; to get involved.