Your gift is essential to the future of Jazz Forum Arts! Please support us in this challenging time as we continue to delight, engage and expand our Jazz community through online performances and classes. Please be safe and take care of your loved ones. We can’t wait to see you again as soon as we reopen! 

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We’re bringing Jazz to a new generation!

 Update: Join our January class before we kick off our 6-Week Winter Series Program. 

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We are happy to present our online program for family fun, directly from your home! Each event is a stand-alone class led by early childhood educator Jody Redhage Ferber. The children get to know Jazz through storytelling, movement, listening, instruments and interactive music games.

Each class features a Guest Artist and a unique Jazz Theme to explore!
Classes are about 30 minutes long and are structured as a child-adult experience.

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 Information on how to join the events will be provided in an email the day before the event, with a Zoom link and a password.

Class Schedule & Themes

October 18: Jazz Vocals / Scat

November 15: Blues

Guest Artist: Guitarist Gil Parris

December 13: Holiday Special

Meet Jody!

Each event is led by Jody Redhage Ferber! Jody is a Jazz and Classical cellist with a background in early childhood education.

Every class, Jody will focus on different Themes, important to Jazz music. To make these themes come alive, she will invite Guest Artists to accompany her throughout the Jitterbugs class.

Together Jody and the guest will explore instruments, sounds and various Jazz styles and approaches to the music!

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Jody Redhage Ferber

Jody teaches what she does as a creative artist to people of all ages.

Her energetic approach to teaching emphasizes listening, hands-on music-making, and the strong conviction that with support and encouragement, everyone can be a creative artist.

Apart from her experience as a cellist, composer and vocalist, she leads a multi-disciplinary poetry & songwriting workshop.

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Our Mission Statement

Jazz Forum Arts is a 501©3, not-for-profit arts presenting organization whose mission is to present top-quality events to the public at little or no cost, while enhancing the appreciation of Jazz, America’s preeminent indigenous musical art form.

Part of our mission is to welcome and engage people of all ages to have a hands on experience of Jazz.

Mark Morganelli and Ellen Prior at the Jazz Forum - FEB 9 19 2019 by John Abbott
Ellen and Mark, founders of Jazz Forum Arts

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