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We’re bringing Jazz to a new generation of New Yorkers, ages 2-5 years old!

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What to Expect

We are happy to present our new program for families with kids 2-5 years old, starting with three events this spring. Each event is a stand-alone class which will feature two instructors who lead the children through interactive music games. The children will get to know Jazz through storytelling, movement, listening and playing with instruments.

NOTE! Classes are about 50 minutes long and are structured as a child-adult experience. Jitterbugs is not a child drop-off program.

The price is $15 per family up to 4.
Max 2 kids per adult.
Scholarships available. Contact jitterbugs@jazzforumarts.org.

Meet Our Educators!

Each event will feature the brilliant instructors Juan Ruiz and Jody Redhage Ferber! Juan is a Latin and Jazz clarinetist and Jody is a Jazz and Classical cellist. Both have a background in early childhood education!

Hover the mouse over their picture to get to know Juan and Jody better.

Tap on their picture to get to know Juan and Jody better.

Juan Ruiz

As a musician, Juan can’t resist exploring the possibilities and expanding the creativity of himself and the people around him. In order for creativity to expand, you must be willing to go down unexplored paths.

As an educator, he sees to foster the dreams in each student: “There is no such thing as teaching. There is only something called learning, and we learn from each other. I am only here to guide you on this labor as well as to learn from all of you.”

Jody Redhage Ferber

Jody teaches what she does as a creative artist to people of all ages.

Her energetic approach to teaching emphasizes listening, hands-on music-making, and the strong conviction that with support and encouragement, everyone can be a creative artist.

Apart from her experience as a cellist, composer and vocalist, she leads a multi-disciplinary poetry & songwriting workshop.

Welcome to the Club

All events will be held at the Jazz Forum club location.

Address to the Jazz Forum
1 Dixon Lane
Tarrytown, 10591 NY

Contact us

(914) 631-1000


Our Mission Statement

Jazz Forum Arts is a 501©3, not-for-profit arts presenting organization whose mission is to present top-quality events to the public at little or no cost, while enhancing the appreciation of Jazz, America’s preeminent indigenous musical art form.

Part of our mission is to welcome and engage people of all ages to have a hands on experience of Jazz.

Mark Morganelli and Ellen Prior at the Jazz Forum - FEB 9 19 2019 by John Abbott
Ellen and Mark, founders of Jazz Forum Arts

Donate to the Program

As a non-profit organization we depend on your support to keep our community programs afloat!

Donations are optional and completely tax deductible.

Thank you for bringing smiles to the kids in our community!