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Our Mission and Programs

Jazz Forum Arts is a 501©3, not-for-profit arts presenting organization whose mission is to present top-quality events to the public at little or no cost, while enhancing the appreciation of Jazz, America’s preeminent indigenous musical art form.

Affordable Live Music

The Jazz Forum is the only dedicated jazz club in Westchester County. Our commitment is to keep the music affordable and accessible.

Free Summer Concerts

In 2019 we will celebrate 33 years of outdoor concerts in public parks in NYC, Westchester and Connecticut for live music fans and new audiences.

Students of Jazz

We welcome young and amateur artists to perform with and learn from Jazz elders in our monthly jam sessions and student-run programs.

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  • Reserve tickets for up to two people for any one show


  • Reserve tickets for up to two people for any three shows


  • Reserve tickets for up to two people for any six shows


  • Reserve tickets for up to two people for any 10 shows


  • Reserve tickets for up to four people for any 15 shows (60 tickets total)
  • Preferred club seating available


  • Reserve tickets for up to four people for any 20 shows (80 tickets total)
  • Select one Friday or Saturday show to sponsor and reserve 10 tickets
  • Preferred club seating available

Membership lasts throughout the 2019 calendar year. Reservations do not include New Year’s Eve or fundraising events. Only Benefactors and Champions may reserve tickets for Special Events.
All contributions received by Jazz Forum Arts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law and support all programs, including performances and events at the Jazz Forum club and the Jazz Forum Arts free outdoor summer concerts.

Jazz Forum Arts Donors


Mark & Dana Ipri
Sara Langbert & Tom Donofrio
Adam R. Rose & Peter R. McQuillan
Larry Taylor & Shannon Stringer

Joan Gilbert
John Gunther-Mohr & Betsy Wedermeyer
Scott & Melanie Mellis
Dr. Maria Schmidt & Carl Romano

Alice Arias
Joanne Camuto
Daniel P. Chiplock & Jean E. Garner
Marilyn O’Connor Dimling & John Dimling
Jim Garvey & Tang Di
Gary Greenblatt
Raphael Sims Lakowitz Memorial Fund
Jennifer Lego & John Leavy
Jeffrey Levine
Diane & Joe Masullo
Jeanne & Joel Resnick
Sybil & Adam Strum
Barry & Fran Strutt
Ron Vincent & Nancy Kennedy
Denise Furman Wagner & Marc Furman

Celia Baldwin & Bruce Catania
Al & Caryn Bunshaft
Dede Emerson
Kenneth W. Gilbert
Marc Gouran
Tom Hinds & Karen Murgolo
Chet Kerr & Heather Thomas
Steve & Laura Koller Charitable Fund
Linda Krueger
Scott Lazarus & Julie Farmer
Mary E. Lane
Roger & Loretta London
Michael Miernik
Susan Pietretti
Jan & Steve Schwartz
Eric & Lynn Sobel
Stewart E. & Emily A. Tabin

Champion ($10,000)
Charles and Jean Shacter Charitable Trust

Benefactor ($5,000)
Tom Donofrio & Sara Langbert
Linda Giuliano & Edward Rutland
Bob* & Cheryl Graef
Shannon Stringer & Larry Taylor

Patron ($2,500)
Alice Arias
Ron Blatt
Lauren & Paul Blum in memory of Michael Brecker
Daniel P. Chiplock & Jean E. Garner
Marilyn O’Connor Dimling & John Dimling
Lori & Renato DiRusso
Ray & Pamela Endreny
Joan S. Gilbert
Ron & Sarah Gillespie
Betsy Wedemeyer & John Gunther-Mohr**
In Memoriam Raphell
Gary Herbst
Ellie Becker & Jeff Levine
Norm Lotz
Mom & Dad, Terry & Joe Morganelli
Patricia Pinckney in memory of Kenneth Pinckney 
Christine & Carlos Plazas
The Schmidt-Romano Charitable Trust
Fran & Barry Strutt
Naomi Vladeck in memory of Eric R. Putter

Supporter ($1,000)
Tracy & Rob Baron
Clifford Bass
Sarah Cox & Peter Bernstein
Stacy & Dave Brandom
Elizabeth Breslin & Michael Barnhart
Al & Caryn Bunshaft
Joanne Camuto
Evan & Juli Charles
Ona Cohn, Designs on You
Wendy & Gregg David
Joel Dean Foundation
Don Dupont, Sr. from the Don Dupont Big Band
Elena Herrera & John Finger
Dean Gallea
Gary Greenblatt & Linda Kobrin
Yvonne & Stephen Hendricks
Kate Herman CPA
Dick Joseph
Stuart & Arlene Kolbert
Salina Le Bris*
Karen Needleman & Larry La Porta
John Leavy & Jennifer Lego
Jennifer Orkin Lewis & Ken Lewis
Diane & Joe Masullo
Robert Mellor, Jr.
The Mignogna Family
Matt & Sue Morganelli 
Rob Perelman & Hiromi Kasuga Perelman
Juliana Pilates & George Kraus
Jeanne & Joel Resnick
Sharon & Blake Rowe
Miriam Silver and Bleys Rose
Kathryn Slocum* & Rob Goodwin
Bettina & Tom Speyer
Denise Wagner Furman & Mark Furman

Business & Artistic Partners
Greg Beyl – Tri-State Custom Construction
Tim Duch – Tim Duch Designs
Jeff Johnson – Jeff Johnson Studio
Steve Tilly – Stephen Tilly Architect
Jean Yves & Salina LeBris – Pane D’Oro Bakery
Arnold Schnitzer – AES Fine Instruments
Tony Giuliano – TG House Painting

* Member, Jazz Forum Arts Board of Directors

**Chair, Jazz Forum Arts Board of Directors

Keys and donors
A0: Ipri Family

A0#: Marjorie Hsu & David Buckler
B0: Barry & Fran Strutt
C1: Creative Capital-Structured Settlements
C1#: Ron Blatt
D1: Gary Greenblatt & Linda Kobrin
D1#: Lu Hamlin
E1: Pamela & Ray Endreny
F1: Fiona Guthrie & Graham Ashton 
F1#: Sara Langbert & Tom Donofrio
G1: Karen & Larry La Porta 
G1#: Sara Langbert & Tom Donofrio
A1: Caren Behar & Dan Colangelo in honor of Rose Behar
A1#: Norm Lotz
B1: Arty & Jessica Riolo
C2: David & Kimberly Janeway
C2#: Gloria & Maurice Tannenbaum
D2: David & Kimberly Janeway
D2#: Ellie Becker & Jeff Levine in memory of Sylvia Walsh
E2: Philip Weisner Family
F2: Barbara Pollard & Mitch Stein 
F2#: Michael & Janice Bass
G2: Roz Abrams
G2#: Sara Langbert & Tom Donofrio
A2: Daniel Chiplock
A2#: Hiromi & Rob Perelman
B2: Will Barrett & Becky Barker
C3: Stephen & Ingrid Dyott
C3#: Marcelo Nacht & Cheryl Goldstein
D3: Diane & Joe Masullo
D3#: Natalie Veyvoda & Dick Lowenthal
E3: Roger & Nilcelia Davidson
F3: Roger & Nilcelia Davidson
F3#: Ellen Garguilo
G3: The Schmidt-Romano Charitable Fund
G3#: John Gunther-Mohr & Betsy Wedermeyer
A3: Amy Martini & Ron Cohen in honor of Bob Martini
A3#: Michael & Jo-Ann Rapaport
B3: Evan & Juli Charkes
C4: Evan & Juli Charkes
C4#: Michael & Jo-Ann Rapaport
D4: Joseph & Lisa DiMona
D4#: Michael & Jo-Ann Rapaport
E4: Gloria & Maurice Tannenbaum
F4: Cliff Bass
F4#: Michael & Jo-Ann Rapaport
G4: Nenette Kress
G4#: Michael & Jo-Ann Rapaport
A4: Dean Gallea
A4#: Mish & Zin
B4: Scott & Melanie Mellis
C5: Gloria & Maurice Tannenbaum
C5#: Theresa Morganelli
D5: Jeffrey Levine
D5#: Rachel & Michael Berman
E5: Andi & Ken Taber
F5: Paula Romanow Etzel
F5#: Paula Romanow Etzel
G5: Paula Romanow Etzel
G5#: Paula Romanow Etzel
A5: Paula Romanow Etzel
A5#: Joan Traber & Tom Heintzelman
B5: David & Leslie Jameson
C6: David & Leslie Jameson
C6#: William A. Cerbone
D6: Debra & Stone Phillips
D6#: Francis X. Young
E6: Susan & Jonathan Wolfert
F6: Sheryl Leventhall & Peter Schwartz
F6#: Sue Wagner & Neal Leonard
G6: Sue Wagner & Neal Leonard
G6#: Sue Wagner & Neal Leonard
A6: Sue Wagner & Neal Leonard
A6#: In Memory of Bob Johnson – Kinny & Janice Landrum
B6: Ed Rutland
C7: Sue Wagner & Neal Leonard
C7#: Sue Wagner & Neal Leonard
D7: Sue Wagner & Neal Leonard
D7#: Sue Wagner & Neal Leonard
E7: Ona & Julius Cohn
F7: Jennifer Orkin Lewis & Ken Lewis
F7#: Joel & Cathy Harary
G7: Neil & Lori Benson
G7#: Gary & Alice Herbst
B7: Joel & Jeanne Resnik
C8: Ball Buddie

Every contribution helps us build our community and sustain our mission. Thank you for your support!