About the Jazz Forum Club

We are a community held together by the artistry of Jazz musicians and our patrons’ love of live music.

Thank you all for the past years of Jazz memories, and future memories to be made.

Mark Morganelli and Ellen Prior
One of two backhoes that revamped the building foundation.
Our contractor, Greg Beyl’s team (Marcos and Ernesto) jackhammering three feet into the concrete floor,
That’s Jeff Johnson, wood artist extraordinaire, building our unique bar.
Lonely as it looks, Mark’s little Steinway served us well until we acquired the 7 ft. Grand.
Two-dimensional club patrons drawn by Jenifer Ross inspired us while we reconstructed the space.
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2015-2017: A Labor of Love

For 800 days, we cut parking deals, hosted backhoe operators, went to village meetings, got permits, collected peculiar objects and tasted wine. What would we have done without that wine?!

Thanks to our architect Steve Tilly, contractor Greg Beyl, painter and best friend, Tony Giuliano and Jeff Johnson who built our stunning bars and tables.

2016-2017: Warming Up

Before the construction was finished, folks experienced the space at several pre-opening events including David Amram’s Birthday Bash, a New Year’s Eve celebration and the first RiverArts Music Tour event in Tarrytown.

Thanks to our friends Janet Roseff and Jen Ross for decorating the walls and to everyone who joined us for the pre-opening celebrations!

Mark Morganelli joined Vic Juris, Kate Baker, Houston Person, Ray Drummond and Jimmy Cobb for the RiverArts Music Tour while attendees relaxed on couches, chairs and on the floor.
Mark and Ellen both started introducing from the get-go; this time for David Amram.
Mark Morganelli playing music at the Jazz Forum club.
We have to celebrate David Amram’s birthday come hell or unpainted walls.
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Charter Donors Board on the wall at the club.

June 9, 2017: Roy Hargrove Quintet Opens the Club!

The late Roy Hargrove excited the capacity crowds for our first weekend at the club.

The launch of the club was made possible by the amazing and generous 60+ Charter Donors who contributed over $160,000.

It was our dream but the commitment and confidence of our Charter Donors told us it was what you wanted!

Photos by Doug Schneider. Click to expand.

June 9, 2018: 88 Keys

Celebrating our 1st anniversary, we enlisted Grammy-winning pianist and frequent Jazz Forum performer Bill Charlap to select a Steinway B Classic Grand Piano at the Steinway factory in Long Island City. Bill played Chopin, Fats Waller, Bernstein, Monk, Duke Ellington and Gershwin to select the best instrument for the club.

The installation was a speedy affair.

A special 88 Keys fundraising campaign raised $88,000 from our devoted patrons to buy the piano.

Mark Morganelli bringing in the piano.
The best piano for the club.

Bill and Mark tried many pianos to find the best one for the club. The room at the factory was all white!

The 88 keys donor plaque before our donors’ names were affixed to their corresponding keys.

2019-2020: Community Engagement During the Pandemic

100+ Live Streams

We offered over one hundred live streams, most of them for free.

Julius Rodriguez Quintet Live Stream Benefit Fundraiser for NAACP ACT-SO.

Community Outreach

We hosted a virtual fundraiser for the Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry.

Jitterbugs educator Neal Spitzer and a student.
A Jitterbugs student.
A parent attending the class with their child.
Dancing during a Jitterbugs class.
Exploring instruments during a Jitterbugs class.
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2021: We Finally Launched Jitterbugs, In-Person

We were finally able to bring our Early Childhood Educational program Jitterbugs to the club, after being online for over a year.

Led by Neal Spitzer, we began introducing 2-7 year old children together with their families to the amazing world of Jazz!

The program won ArtsWestchester’s 2021 Education Arts Award.

Bright Moments


David Sanborn
by Mitchell Seidel
June 17, 2019
Catherine Russell
by Joel Resnick
July 22, 2017
Donald Harrison
by Joel Resnick
July 7, 2017
John Pizzarelli
March 17, 2018
Roberta Gambarini
June 30, 2017
Russell Malone
January 6, 2018
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Mark and Ellen welcome everyone back to the club after reopening. We were closed for 14 months and survived thanks to the support of the Jazz community. Thank you!
Bob James
by Mitchell Seidel
November 5, 2021
Eddie Palmieri
by Mitchell Seidel
April 22, 2022
Eric Alexander vs Vincent Herring
by John Abbott
July 6, 2021
Fred Hersch
by Bob Plotkin
January 28, 2022
Joe Lovano
by Mitchell Seidel
October 15, 2021
Karrin Allyson
by Mitchell Seidel
July 10 2021
Monty Alexander
by Mitchell Seidel
June 4, 2021
Nick Payton
by Mitchell Seidel
January 14, 2022
Nick Payton sitting in with George Coleman
by Mitchell Seidel
October 1, 2021
Paquito D'Rivera
by Mitchell Seidel
December 3, 2021
Steve Turre
by Mitchell Seidel
September 3, 2021
Tim Armacost
by Mitchell Seidel
February 25, 2022
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The joy of presenting the finest artists – both celebrated and less well-known – is even richer when we see the pleasure of audience members listening, watching, tapping their feet, closing their eyes, clapping their hands, and standing for ovations.

Joe Lovano, Eliane Elias, Catherine Russell, Paquito D’Rivera, Monty Alexander, Bill Charlap, Ann Hampton Callaway, John Pizzarelli, George Coleman, Nicholas Payton, Roberta Gambarini, Samara Joy and so many others. Thank you, brilliant musicians and marvelous audience members.

In Memoriam

We were honored to present so many spectacular artists who have since passed away.

Our audiences loved hearing them live, especially at the club (as did we!). Thank goodness their recordings will live on forever: Roy Hargrove, Wallace Roney, Barry Harris, Jimmy Cobb, Freddy Cole, Lee Konitz, Candido, Vic Juris, Sonny Fortune and Joey DeFrancesco.

Barry Harris
by Mitchell Seidel
October 4, 2017
Freddy Cole
July 29, 2017
Wallace Roney
by Mitchell Seidel
May 25, 2019
Claudio Roditi
by Joel Resnick
July 8, 2018
Lee Konitz
June, 16 2017
Vic Juris & Ellen Prior
New Year's Eve, 2015
Joey DeFrancesco & Mark Morganelli
by Clara Winder
December 10, 2021
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Serendipity and Objects of Love

The physical space of the club reflects the love in the room, the eclectic taste of the Jazz Forum Club Manager Ellen Prior’s parents, and the friendships formed over the years.

The pool table at the Jazz Forum.

The Pool Table

Donated by dear friends, Lee Eiferman and Tim Duch, who found it in the “game room” of the Knights of Columbus building they bought on N. Washington Avenue. Their junk is our delight!

Don't Walk sign at the Jazz Forum.

The “Don’t Walk” sign

Donated by Bob Plotkin, friend and photographer who “found” it 35 years ago at 116th and Broadway as they were trading these for digital signs. Electrified by our contractor, Greg Beyl. A near perfect reminder of our adage: “We are a listening room.”

Dizzy's Trumpet at the Jazz Forum.

Dizzy’s Trumpet

The physical space of the club reflects the love in the room, the eclectic taste of Ellen Prior’s parents, and the friendships formed over the years.

Flying Woman statue at the Jazz Forum.

The Flying Woman

A gift from Mark to Ellen in the planning stages of the club. It was in Hank’s Alley (an antique store and institution in Tarrytown) for years and Ellen always coveted it.

She has such perfect breasts and wings to embrace us all.

Thank you for the Memories. Here’s to Making New Ones!

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