Plan Your Visit at the Jazz Forum

Plan Your Visit

Buying Tickets

All tickets must be purchased online through our Tickets page. Tickets may not be purchased at the club during non-club hours.

Fridays & Saturdays


Jazz Artists
  • First set at 7:00 PM
  • Second set at 9:30 PM



Latin & Jazz
  • First set at 4:00 PM
  • Second set at 6:00 PM

First sunday each month

Jazz jam

  • 8 PM - 10 PM

On Fridays and Saturdays, headliner Jazz artists perform two sets each night at 7 pm and 9.30 pm. The ticket price generally ranges from $25 to $35.

On Sundays, we feature two shows of Brazilian, Latin or Jazz groups at 4 pm and 6 pm. The typical ticket price is $20 and folks are welcome to stay for both sets.

On the first Sunday of each month, evening (8 pm to 10 pm), the club offers a jazz jam session, hosted by a rhythm section. Tickets are $10 for listeners and $5 for players. Tickets for the jam session are only available at the door at show time.

NOTE: Please review date and time of ticket purchase before completing transaction.

NOTE: There is a $10 minimum for food or drinks per person per set for each show, except for the monthly jam sessions. Depending on availability of seats, tickets may be purchased at the door.

Getting Here

The Jazz Forum is located at 1 Dixon Lane, Tarrytown in Westchester County, New York. The entrance is on a private lane with no public parking. There is free dedicated parking during club hours at the following locations, on a first-come first-served basis (see map below):

The Show

HOURS: The club opens at 6 pm on Fridays and Saturdays and 3 pm on Sundays. We recommend that patrons arrive at least 30 minutes before the show since seating is assigned upon arrival. Food and drink is served from opening time and during the show. For more information, please check our food and drink menus. For the monthly jam sessions on the first Sunday evening, the club is open from 8 pm to 10 pm and serves only drinks. 

ENVIRONMENT: The Jazz Forum is a “listening room” first and foremost. We encourage those who want to socialize at the club to come early. During the shows, we ask that patrons keep their voices at a whisper.

Venue map is for illustrative purposes and is not to scale. The Jazz Forum club has a capacity of 85 people. We do not offer seating reservations.

What to Bring

Patrons must present tickets at the Box Office, either on a smart phone (preferred) or a printed copy.

Note: It is not necessary to pick up tickets in advance.

Contact Us

1 Dixon Lane, Tarrytown
NY 10591


(914) 631-1000

Stay Updated

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FAQ for the Jazz Forum Club

Hours & Basic Rules

The club is open from 6 to 11 pm for Friday and Saturday performances and from 3 to 8 pm for Sunday performances.

The club remains open until 10 pm on the first Sunday of each month for our monthly open jam session.

The club is not open for drinks only.  All patrons must pay tickets for the show in order to enter.  

We typically host trios, quartets and quintets.

The club accommodates 85 guests.

Gift certificates can be purchased here.  They are offered at the following levels:  $25, $50, $75 and $100.  Gift certificates are redeemable for tickets only (no food, drink, merchandise or tips) and are valid for one year from issue.

Non-flash photography, video and audio is permitted within reason and as long as it doesn’t intrude on the experience of other patrons and the artists’ performances. If you have a special request, e.g., for extended video recording or a photo shoot with artists, please contact

We sell artists’ CDs, T-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, percussion egg shakers and other merchandise at the box office window. Artists usually autograph CDs for patrons.

All ages are welcome at the tables.  Parents are asked to manage their children to prevent disturbing the experience of other patrons.  Bar seating is for 21+.  

On Sundays, children under 12 may attend shows at no charge.

Fridays and Saturdays
Depending on seat availability, those attending the first set may stay for the second set by paying the additional ticket price and an additional $10 minimum per person. At the discretion of management and following the first set, management may offer first show ticket-holders to stay for the second show, without paying an additional ticket fee. Patrons from the first set must pay the new $10 minimum per person for the second set.

In either case, patrons must go into the lounge and wait with other patrons while staff reset the tables. All full-paying patrons for the second show get first choice on seating. 

Those attending the first set may stay for the second set without paying the additional ticket price, depending on seat availability. Patrons from the first set must pay the new $10 minimum per person for the second set.

Tickets & Seating

Fridays and Saturdays
The General Admission ticket price for performances typically range from $25 to $30 per person per set, with a $5 student discount.

Sundays we offer Brazilian, Latin and regular jazz shows, typically priced at $20 per person per set, with a $5 student discount.  Children under 12 are free (adults must email to notify club in advance of childrens’ attendance)

First Sunday of Each Month
Tickets for the jam sessions are $5 for players and $10 for listeners and are only available at the door at show time.

Ticket prices may be higher for certain artists and special events.

There is an additional service charge and ticket processing fee for all credit card orders.  We request that customers purchase tickets in advance on our Tickets page to ensure seating.

Thanks to an anonymous family foundation grant, children under 12 are admitted free (only paying the processing fee) for Sunday shows. For Fridays and Saturdays, children and students get a $5 discount.

For all shows, we offer a $5 student discount. High school and college students must present student IDs at the door.

There is no senior discount.

There is a per person minimum of $10 in food or beverage for all seats in the club during each set of music. This applies both to table and bar seating. The minimum may be higher for certain artists and special events.

Tickets are available for purchase on our Tickets page to ensure seating. Depending on availability of seats, tickets may be purchased at the door. Tickets may be purchased at the Box Office only during club hours. The Box Office is closed at all other times.

We prefer if you show your ticket order on your smartphone at the Box Office (saves a tree or so!) or you can print out your tickets before coming to the club. It is not necessary to pick up tickets in advance. The Box Office is closed at all times except club hours.

Groups of five or more people should purchase tickets in advance and as a single party.  For any groups intending to sit together but purchasing tickets separately, please indicate on the ticket order in “General Notes” the size of the party and the names of other ticket holders.  You will find the option to enter this information on the page following confirmation of your order. You may also notify the club in advance by emailing  We may not be able to seat groups together if tickets are not purchased according to these instructions.

The Jazz Forum can accommodate special seating needs as long as we are informed of those needs in advance. Please indicate any special needs on your ticket order in “Special Needs” which will appear on the page following confirmation of your order.  You may also let us know by calling 914-631-1000 or contacting  We cannot promise that seating accommodations will be made if we are not notified in advance.

All patrons are seated on a first-come first-serve basis unless specifically determined by club management.  For patrons who want a choice of seats, we recommend arriving when doors open for each show.  On Fridays and Saturdays, doors open at 6 pm for the 7 pm show and at 9 pm for the 9:30 pm show. For Sunday shows, the doors open at 3 pm for the 4 pm show and 5:30 for the 6 pm show.

Both table and bar seating are considered General Seating.  

For large groups (5+), the club pre-sets tables.  

Please contact for any special discount requests. 

There are no refunds or exchanges.  Unused tickets may be considered a donation to Jazz Forum Arts.  If extenuating circumstances arise, management may make exceptions at its discretion.

Food & Beverages Menus

The food menu is an informal choice of house-made small and large plates, Italian charcuterie and cheeses, and desserts.  The bar menu includes fine Italian wines, local draft and bottled beer, house cocktails and a full bar of major brands and artisanal spirits. 

Please see our Menu page for complete offerings.

For the monthly jam sessions, there is no food menu available. 

Club Location & Parking

We are located at 1 Dixon Lane, Tarrytown, NY 10591. Please see our Contact page for a map and directions to the club.

Please see directions and a map of parking locations on our Contact page.

Jazz Forum Arts has free parking during club hours at the Key Bank on Dixon Street just west of N. Broadway and in the employee lot at Chase Bank on McKeel Avenue, east of N. Broadway. There is also limited parking in the lot adjacent to our building behind CVS, in the spaces facing the club and alongside the Budget trucks from 5 pm on.  There are two handicapped parking spaces in front of the club, available on a first come, first served basis with handicapped parking permits visible through the windshield.

All parking spaces on Dixon Lane, a private street, belong to residents and are NOT available for public parking.

See Contact  page for parking map and directions. 

There is limited parking on local streets, (e.g., Central Avenue, North Washington Street, Dixon Street).  Additional parking is available in the Municipal Parking Lot on the northeast corner of McKeel Avenue and North Broadway (entrance on McKeel). 

NOTE: The club is located on a private lane (Dixon Lane), and there is no parking on the private lane.

Accessibility at the Club

Yes. There is a ramp and well-lit entrance to the club for those needing an accommodation.  There are two ADA-compliant bathrooms for wheelchairs, outfitted with other assistive devices.  The club is located six steps up from the street level. There are also two handicapped parking spaces on-site at the club.

The Jazz Forum can accommodate special seating needs as long as we are informed of those needs in advance. Please indicate any special needs by contacting or calling 914-631-1000.  We cannot promise that seating accommodations will be made if we are not notified in advance.

Private Events

Yes. We host private events and can provide customized services and menus. For private events, the club is available on Saturday afternoons, Fridays until 4 pm and at all times on Mondays through Thursdays.

Group bookings for club shows are available for birthday parties and other special events. To book the Jazz Forum for private events, check our Private Events page and e-mail or call 914-631-1000.

Coat Check

There is free coat check is at the Box Office.

For missing items call 914-631-1000 or email  The Lost and Found is in the Box Office.