Larry Willis

Larry Willis 10/26/18 & 10/27/18 Salina: How did you come to be such an amazing pianist?  Larry Willis: There was a piano in the house, and I had an older brother who was classically trained. I started out as a singer. I was a voice major at the High School of Music and Art and … Read more

Ravi Coltrane

Ravi Coltrane 10/19/18 & 10/20/18 Salina: How did you come to play the saxophone? Ravi Coltrane: My parents were musicians. Music was all around my house growing up and I always loved art and always loved creative pursuits. I was a big fan of photography when I was very, very young. Also a big fan … Read more

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Louis Hayes

Louis Hayes 10/12/18 & 10/13/18 Salina: How did you come to play the drums? Louis Hayes: My father played piano and drums, so he was the one who introduced me to this instrument. First piano, then I played the drums. I was maybe seven or eight. And I had my mother’s support. Salina: What would … Read more